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Flying Solo by Linda Holmes

Laurie is an accomplished journalist who moved across the country – all the way from Maine to Seattle – to fulfill her dreams. She hasn’t gotten home much. At least, not until the death of her perennially single Aunt Dot brought her back to her small hometown and the comfortable life she left behind there.

There’s a lot to like about Laurie and her decision-making. One of my favorite things is how Laurie respects and accepts her body. Laurie feels sexy, alluring, and very comfortable in her skin.

Hopefully, you, like Laurie, are happy with your body. If you aren’t (and unfortunately, many aren’t), here are a few steps you can take:

  • Notice and appreciate what your body can do. Maybe your arms carry a heavy bookbag, your legs run for miles, or your fingers skillfully play the piano. Instead of taking it for granted, pay attention to how your body helps you and makes you proud.

  • Look at yourself as a whole person, not a combination of smaller parts. Sometimes we can overly focus on minor perceived flaws that others would never even notice (or think of as a flaw). Choose to step back from the mirror and see everything instead of compartmentalizing.

  • Use a critical eye when viewing advertising, celebrities, and social media posts. Frequently these images are distorted or simply fake, and they perpetuate an impossible or unreachable “ideal.” Instead of using these images for inspiration, think about a person you admire based on their behaviors or accomplishments and focus your attention and motivation on striving to be like this more well-rounded role model.

Above all else, remember that you are far more than your appearance and that you, like Laurie, deserve to live confidently.


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