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The Club by Ellery Lloyd

Ned Groom is unraveling, and all the world’s top celebrities are there to see it. Thirty years ago, Ned and his brother inherited the Home Club, at that time a dying brand that catered to stars of yesteryear. Under Ned’s meticulous management, Home flourished into a worldwide chain of clubs and became a household name synonymous with style and celebrity.

Unfortunately, Ned is as angry as he is successful. As opening week for his newest, most extensive, and most expensive Home club approaches, his temper tantrums became increasingly frequent and terrifying.

Ned could benefit from quite a few life lessons. But, to start with, he needs anger management skills. If appropriately managed and expressed, anger is a normal and healthy emotion. But, if uncontrolled (like Ned’s), anger can be crippling to both relationships and mental health.

Here are some healthy ways to manage anger:

  1. Slow down. Give yourself time to cool off so you can think before speaking rather than saying or doing things you may regret later.

  2. Check your thoughts for any distortions. Then calmly, clearly, and directly express your frustrations.

  3. Look for positive solutions to problems you can change and work on accepting the things that are outside your control.

  4. Use relaxation skills (like deep breathing, going for a walk, or listening to music) to change your mindset.

Throughout his tenure running the Home clubs, Ned made many decisions out of anger. If Ned had used anger management skills, he likely would have found the same level of professional success – without amassing a mountain of personal problems. Then maybe Ned wouldn’t have found himself on an island surrounded by people who despised him…which would have made for a much less interesting opening weekend.


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