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Big Girl Small by Rachel DeWoskin

Judy just transferred to a new, highly competitive, performing arts high school. She has a show-stopping voice, a great sense of humor, and is a talented writer. Life as a teenager is hard for anyone, but it’s particularly hard for Judy who, as the only little person at her school, faces day-to-day barriers that her peers don’t fully understand or appreciate. Despite it all, Judy makes friends relatively quickly

In my commitment to not spoil any plots, I’m avoiding a big piece of the story and focusing on Judy and her friends. Or rather, the people who are good friends to Judy because, well, from the very beginning of the book one of Judy’s less lovable flaws (and she’s a very loveable and relatable character) is that she’s a pretty bad friend. I mean, unless you want a friend who frequently ignores you, is relatively judgmental, and is not altogether honest.

Here are some tips on how to be a good friend:

  1. Listen as much as you talk, maybe even more.

  2. Honestly share your thoughts and feelings

  3. Make time to connect in real time. Face-to-Face is always best, if that’s not possible then do a phone call or video chat.

  4. Actively and vocally celebrate successes and support through setbacks.

If Judy had been a better friend then she would have experienced deeper, more fulfilling connections. As we all know, there is no greater treasure than a truly loving relationship between friends.


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